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These arrangements are increasingly popular, especially where one of you brings much more money into the marriage than the other.  Perhaps you want to protect assets for children of a previous marriage.

Perhaps you want to decide how assets would be divided in case you divorce:

‘But these arrangements take all the romance out of relationships and marriage!

Ours is based on love and trust’

This is a common cry and, of course, these agreements are a matter of personal choice.  There are thousands of couples who decide to set one up.  They often go on to spend many happy years
together.  But, if they do divorce, they’re relieved to
be able to fall back on a properly constructed pre-nuptial arrangement which can stop a lot of unpleasant arguments and making the divorce seem even worse.

Play safe.  Make sure that, whatever you decide, you make an

informed decision.

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What does a ‘pre-nup’ usually cover?
It usually deals with financial provision for the weaker financial party.
For example -

  • How assets held at the time of the agreement should be treated at the end of the relationship.
  • What capital and / or income will the weaker party receive in the event of divorce or separation?
  • What financial provision should be made for children?
  • What should happen to assets built up during the relationship?
  • What will happen to the family home and its contents?


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