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Child Arrangements

Deciding what’s best

Child Arrangements - deciding what’s best?

Do you have children?  If so, you may find that dealing with their future is the most distressing part of separation or divorce.  Deciding on who -        

They live with 

Resolving the children’s care and support arrangements can be the most tortuous and upsetting part of a separation or divorce.  No two cases are the same.  We’ll work with you to achieve what’s best for your children.

We do all we can to resolve issues of children away from the court. 

These matters can be long and complex, sometimes taking many months to resolve.  We work hard to make sure that your children keep a positive and healthy relationship with their parents and we encourage you to work together - for the sake of the children if you possibly can.

Many parents avoid the costs, time and distress of going through courts by using mediation or collaboration.

Sadly, there are times when court is the only option.  In these cases, we use our expertise and that of other specialists to bring about the best resolution for your children.

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Child Care proceedings
There are several possible Orders that the Court can impose, e.g. -

  • Care Order - your child stays in the care of the local authority until they’re 18, unless the Order ends before then.
  • Local Authority Supervision Order - your child remains in your care, supervised by Children Services, usually for at 12 months.
  • Child Arrangements Order - your child lives with another person, such as a family member or friend for the duration of the Order.
  • Special Guardianship Order - your child lives with another person such as a family member or friend on a more permanent basis.
  • Placement Order - Children Services place your child for adoption, even without your agreement.
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