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Are you considering divorce?  If so, then we’re here to help. We’re highly experienced and trained divorce specialists who aim to get results quickly and with the minimum fuss and confrontation.

Divorce can be a difficult and challenging time for everyone involved - you, your spouse, the children - the whole family.  

We use our know-how and experience to reach a conclusion that’s best for you and your family.  We make every effort to ensure that cost, delay and stress are kept to an absolute minimum.

What if agreement is impossible?  Then, we present your case to the court, avoiding expensive complications and aiming for an early settlement.

What are ‘grounds for divorce’?

There’s only one - that your marriage has broken down irretrievably.

But there are 5 ways to show that breakdown has taken place -

1.       Adultery

2.       Behaviour – this could be violence, emotional abuse or just lack of support.

3.       Two years’ desertion - your spouse or civil partner left you at least two years ago, without your consent.

4.       Two years’ separation with consent.

5.       Five years’ separation without consent.

There are two main types of divorce

Agreed divorce
A simple procedure for when you and your spouse decide to end your relationship quickly.  We file an ‘agreed’ petition with the court.  The court sends sealed copies to your spouse, together with an Acknowledgement of Service form.  Once they sign this, there’s no need for either party to attend court.

Contested divorce
This is when one party doesn’t want a divorce.  There’s a procedure to follow where the “respondent” defends the divorce petition.  Defending a petition can be both expensive and stressful.  It’s also rarely successful, as the law can’t force anyone to stay in a marriage.  So, usually the defending party will allow the divorce to proceed, while negotiating some changes to the reason given.

Taking a Collaborative approach

We’re keen advocates of the Collaborative approach to family settlements.  This is a process whereby families avoid the cost and unpleasantness of court appearances, by instructing their lawyers to work together to resolve disputes in a way that’s best for both parties.  Read more here about the Collaborative process .

What about you?  And what about the children?

Get the right support

Divorce can be a difficult and traumatic time for all family members.  It’s not just Mum and Dad who are affected.  The stress can sometimes seem unbearable for everyone involved.

Money - how will you cope?

Home - where will you live?

Your mental state - perhaps you don’t want the relationship to end.  You’re angry or depressed … or both.

The children - what’s best for them?

All this can leave you shattered - mentally and physically

It can really help to have someone to talk to - a friend, a family member or a professional counsellor.  Someone who won’t judge, but who will listen and calmly help you to explore your options.

This kind of support can help you feel stronger, enabling you to support your children through this difficult and potentially traumatic time.

Judicial separation

If you have a religious objection to divorce but still need to re-structure your legal arrangements, Judicial Separation might be the answer.  Visit our Judicial Separation page.

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