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Grandparents often ask us - ‘What rights do we have to see our grandchildren?’

Being deprived of the company of grandchildren can be sad and stressful for grandparents and grandchildren alike. 

While grandparents have no automatic right, family courts recognise the vital role that grandparents can have in their grandchildren’s lives. 

It’s increasingly rare for a court to stop grandparents having a relationship with their grandchildren - unless of course, there’s evidence of violence or abuse.

As a grandparent, can I apply to the Courts to see my grandchildren?

As a grandparent, you can still apply for permission to ask for a Court Order.  The courts will bear in mind -


·         your connection with the child.

·         What you are asking the court to do

·         whether what you want might be harmful to the child’s well-being.


If one, or both parents raise objections, you will probably have to attend a full hearing, in which both sides present their evidence.

Good legal advice is essential.

You’ll have to persuade the court that you have a meaningful and continuing relationship with your grandchildren - one which significantly benefits their lives.

As you’d expect, the court will always consider all the child’s circumstances.  For example, they’ll consider whether your contact with the child may have a negative impact other family relationships. 

The court then decides on what arrangements are best for the child which often results in grandparents spending time with their grandchildren.  Only in extreme circumstances will a court decline contact with grandchildren.

Over the years, we’ve helped countless grandparents to maintain their relationships with their grandchildren.

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