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Every family is different, but any family can break down.
And however educated you are, whatever your cultural or

ethnic background, break-ups can be traumatic for everyone.
Is this something you and your family are going through?
Are you feeling
unable to cope?
fearful of the future?

You might feel any or all of these.

Do you have children?  This can increase the burden you’re carrying.  The responsibility of making the best decision for them can seem overwhelming - especially so when you’re struggling to even look after yourself.

We understand what you’re going through.

Domestic violence - children at risk

Sadly, some families find themselves in an emergency "drop-everything-and-help-me-now" situation.  This might involve domestic abuse  or risk to the children.

Talk to our specialists.  We’ll discuss all your options to find out how best we can help you.  You’ll find we’re

  • approachable
  • Constructive
  • non-judgmental
  • sympathetic

Find out more at our Domestic Abuse page.

We’ll help you through this stressful time.  We’ll give you the guidance you need to make the best decisions - the decisions that will affect life for you and your children for many years to come.

Take a look at our Children’s services page.


Taking a Collaborative approach

We’re keen advocates of the Collaborative approach to family settlements.  This is a process whereby families avoid the cost and unpleasantness of court appearances, by instructive their lawyers to work together to resolve disputes in a way that’s best for both parties.  Read more here about the Collaborative process .

An orderly process … or an emergency?

Often family breakdowns take place in an orderly fashion.  You and your spouse may be comfortable discussing the situation calmly together - eager to work with each other to plan the future for your children.  Maybe, you simply don’t

know where to start.  Or perhaps, you want legal advice but don't want to become embroiled in court proceedings, where decisions might be made for you by a Judge you've never met!

Whatever you decide, you’ll want to retain your dignity.  You’ll want to look in the mirror and feel proud of the way you’ve dealt with the difficulties and traumas of relationship breakdown.  You’ll want to know that you've done the best for you and your children.

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Your 1st appointment

You’ll need to bring -

  1. Proof of identity, such as a passport or driving licence with a photo.
  2. Proof of your address, e.g. a recent bank statement or utility bill showing your name and address.
  3. Any documents or letters relating to the matter you want to discuss.


Do you think you might qualify for Legal Aid?  You must meet both the domestic abuse and the financial eligibility criteria.  If you need an emergency injunction against your opponent for incidents relating to domestic abuse, you don’t have to meet these two criteria. 


We’re specialists in issues surrounding family break-ups, such as divorce and separation.
We don’t deal with Powers of Attorney, Wills or Probate.



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