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Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Your family is unique and on separation and divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership the financial settlement needs to be uniquely tailored to your family circumstances.

You will want to ensure that you are as financially secure as possible.

There are a number of orders which either party to a divorce or dissolution may claim, alone or in combination.

Interim maintenance or Maintenance pending suit can be claimed as soon as divorce or dissolution has been issued and income is then paid regularly, usually monthly until the divorce or dissolution proceedings end or there is a final financial settlement. It is possible to apply for this urgently if necessary.

Maintenance order – income is paid regularly after the divorce has finished, usually for a set period of time or until a pre set event, such as remarriage of the recipient or the youngest child finishing secondary school.

Secured provision order - maintenance can be secured against an asset, as a. For instance if the maintenance is not paid the asset can be sold to meet the financial need.

Lump sum order - one party pays the other a fixed sum, either on a set date or by installments.

Property adjustment order – one party transfers all or an interest in a property to the other or the property is ordered to sold and the equity divided between the parties.

Pensions orders – the pension trustees are instructed to transfer a percentage of the pension owned by one party to the other party or to pay ongoing amounts to the other.

Even if the divorce or dissolution proceedings are finished you can still apply for a financial settlement and you can do so until you remarry. If you plan to remarry please take legal advice if financial matters have not been sorted out.

To allow us to advise you, we need a complete picture of all matrimonial assets, including income, property, savings, pensions and any other assets you have.

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