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Financial Arrangements

Keeping your finances secure

The financial settlement experts for Northamptonshire and beyond

When divorcing you’ll want to be sure that you and any children are as protected and financially secure as possible.

We’re experts in the field of divorce financial settlements.  We will discuss your options and we’ll help you to reach a settlement that’s realistic - enabling you to retain the income, pension rights and assets you’ll need for the years ahead.



There’s no magic formula.  Every case is different. We’ll work with you to examine your own finances and those of your spouse then advise you about the best possible financial settlement. 

No-one benefits from confrontation or unpleasantness.  So, we’ll encourage you to settle either through negotiation, mediation or collaboration.  In the long run, this is always best for both parties. 

Taking a Collaborative approach

We’re keen advocates of the Collaborative approach to family settlements.  In fact, we’re accredited specialists.  This is a process whereby families avoid the cost and unpleasantness of court appearances, by instructive their lawyers to work together to resolve disputes in a way that’s best for both parties.  Read more here about the Collaborative process .

Sadly, we can’t always reach agreement.  We will discuss your potions, perhaps going to court or arbitration,  Our preparation is meticulous.  We’re determined to achieve the best possible result for you and your children.  We work with other leading professionals in their field (barristers, property valuers, accountants, pension advisers) to offer you the best possible all-round specialist service.


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Some of the financial information you’ll need to disclose -

  • details of income
  • savings
  • shares
  • liabilities - money you owe - mortgages, credit card debts, overdrafts, financing agreements (e.g. for a car)
  •  value of any houses or other properties
  • items you own worth £500 or more e.g. computers, TV
  • money that’s owed to you
  • if you own a company, the latest accounts


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